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Photograph your Life!

Families, Individuals Children & Pets are lovely to get wall art quality Portraits that become family heirlooms.

A special moment every high school senior family should have. I can help with capturing this significant moment in our lives

There are never enough photos of your children. Let's capture their personalities

Every couple needs a picture of them at the beginning of the relationship. Let me help you capture the love of your relationship. 

It's so beautiful to capture the personalities of your pet and remember them with their Portrait.


About the photographer 

Picture of Shawn O. Smith

Shawn O Smith

i.e. SOS Images

 My Blog

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in my work. When I'm not behind the camera, you can often find me flying the skies running around this beautiful world trying to capture its beauty. I like my gadgets and hanging out with family & friends. I love being creative and learning new ways to express that side of me. I love nature & outdoors, and anytime I can get out and capture that wonderful world we live in, I'm there! When I started my photography journey, I was a teen working with black & white film, spending long hours in the photo lab. Now, this digital world we live in gives me the freedom to Photograph this beautiful world and life as we know it. I love meeting new people and finding their personalities. I hope to meet you and work with you soon.

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